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Watch Glee S5E11 Season 5 Episode 11 Online Putlocker ~ City of Angels,:~ Watch Glee Season 5 Episode 11 Online Free, Megashare, Torrent Download, Watch Glee Season 5 Episode 11 Online; Putlocker HD, Glee Season 5 Episode 11 ? Series 5, Episode 11, Glee S5E11 Free, Glee 5×11, Glee S5E11 ? Series 5, Episode 11 , Download Glee Season 5 Episode 11 Allmyvideos Putlocker, Glee Season 5 Full Episode Video Streaming Free Have you been feeling in the mood lately for another classic Glee slap? If so, you're in luck — and FYI, you probably also need a little more happiness in your life — as Rachel (Lea Michele) is going to be planting one on recent bestie Santana (Naya Rivera). Get the icepack!

We've known for some time that Season 5, Episode 9: "Frenemies" would bring some major Pezberry drama. Rachel and Santana have been mostly conflict-free this season, but that all changes when Rachel invites Santana to a Funny Girl photo shoot, and through a crazy turn of events, Santana ends up landing the role of Rachel's understudy. Insert Rachel pouting here.

We had heard a rumor that tensions would get so high between the two that things would turn violent. Now, we see in a new promo for the episode that it's Rachel who will be slapping Santana. And since Santana has slapped more than enough people in her day, we're sure Santana will be able to critique Rachel on her execution and give her pointers for next time. The promo — set to to the tune of Sara Bareilles's "Brave," which will be sung as a duet by Rachel and Santana — also shows a glimpse at Rachel in her awesome Funny Girl getup, along with Sue (Jane Lynch) telling two mystery people at an apparent audition, "Thank you — I hate you both."

But the part of the promo that has us most concerned is that slap. Will the beloved Pezberry friendship ever recover — and will one of the ladies really be moving out because of the debacle? We're having a hard time being brave about this upcoming plot twist.

Glee is finally coming back! After almost three months off the air, the Fox comedy returns on Tuesday, February 25 with an all new episode. Season 5 Episode 9 is titled “Frenemies,” and that means a few key duos are about to go head to head. In fact, the fight between Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) gets so bad that their entire friendship might be destroyed!

And while we would hope it'd be cute to see them rehearsing the same lines together, it actually seems like there will be a fierce rivalry developing. "Not only does their little Funny Girl imbroglio turn violent, but it will significantly alter their current living situation," reveals.

 We’ve been hard at work tracking down spoilers for the upcoming show. Just which characters will be the titular “frenemies”? And is there any truth to the rumors that Kurt (Chris Colfer) will be cheating on his fiancé, Blaine (Darren Criss), with new NYC bandmate Elliott “Starchild” (Adam Lambert)? Here’s what we’ve been able to uncover so far.

His glam rock look is already edgy, but Glee’s Elliott “Starchild” (Adam Lambert) Gilbert is preparing to switch up his style once again. Adam is currently at work filming Season 5, Episode 9: “Frenemies,” and the American Idol fan favorite just took to Instagram to show off his brand new look.On November 25, Adam posted this photo, which highlights his new hair style. The singer’s dark locks are now a vibrant shade of cinnamon brown, and the back and sides of his hair have been shaved. (Granted, his hair was cut pretty short on the sides before. But it does appear to have gotten even more of a trim.)

“Hair Kut. Cinnamon Spice,” he wrote. It’s quite the change! In fact, the new ‘do looks very much like an edgier, more rock star version of Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) hair style.

During Episode 9 — which Fox recently announced will air on February 25 instead of later this spring as originally planned — Elliott and Kurt will face off as one of the episodes titular pairs of frenemies. They’ll also be dueting (while simultaneously pole dancing) to The Darkness’s “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” which has some pretty straightforward sexual overtones.

Elliott’s shocking new hair cut will likely come at the tail end of “Frenemies,” since the cast has been filming the episode already for a while now. Thanks to a tweet from Lea Michele, we know that she and Adam filmed a scene together this morning, though it’s unclear whether Adam’s haircut happened before or after the day’s Glee filming wrapped. Are you excited about Elliott’s new ‘do, or did you like his old look better?