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>>> http://tiny.cc/581hcx

>>> http://tiny.cc/581hcx

Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 Online Free HD Stream, The Walking Dead 4×13 s4e013 Putlocker, Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 on Megavideo, Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 on HDTV Streaming, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 Full Videos, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 FREE Online Streaming, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 S4E013 Online Live Streaming shelter reference in the Ep 13 synopsis, since the synopsis for March 16’s Episode 14, “The Grove,” reads, “After establishing a new shelter, the group considers things returning to they way they used to be.” Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? It would be great if Maggie, Bob and Sasha got to Terminus on Episode 13 and realized Tyreese, Carol and the kids were already there. (Ty and his sister could be reunited!) Does that sound like a fantasy? We know the ish is really gonna hit the fan on Episode 15, since the penultimate episode is always a dramatic one, and the guy who directed “Us” warned that something “bad” will happen.

And we know at least one of the “bad guys” in Rick’s house will return at some point, when we least expect it. We're expecting Daryl to connect with that whistling, tennis-ball-bouncing guy played by Jeff Kober, since it looks like they were filming together, walking train tracks. (More train tracks!) So keep that in mind. He may even show up this week.

Do you think a mini group will get lucky on Ep 13 and find shelter, or is the only shelter that funeral home place before walkers attack and Beth and Daryl possibly get separated? Any theories about “Alone,” including thoughts on the title and synopsis?

UPDATE: Spoil the Dead’s “spoiler fairies” shared a full synopsis of this episode. Good news: No one dies. Bad news: Beth gets kidnapped! Yeah. But that’s apparently why Daryl is running and shouting “Beth!” in the promos. He’s following her as a car drives away. She’s said to be bagged and pulled into a black car with a white cross in the back window. The car had been following them when they found their shelter at the funeral home. (The Hunters, do you think? Or, since a cross is involved, maybe a version of the Rev. Gabriel Stokes in the comics? Maybe he’s our Gareth?) Daryl ends up connecting with the bad guys from Rick’s house in “Claimed,” and he joins them. In other news, Bob, Sasha and Maggie all end up on the train tracks to Terminus, and the last shot is reportedly of Glenn seeing the Terminus sign too. We should also get details on Bob's past this week, and that's reportedly how the episode will start, with a little Bob flashback. It sounds like the ep should end on a hopeful note in terms of an eventual Terminus reunion, but it may get scary for Beth in the meantime ... especially if she was nabbed by The Hunters. Hopefully that's not the case, but we'll see.

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12, “Still” will air this Sunday, March 2 on AMC, and it has this official synopsis: "An enlightening mission springs from a request from one of the group members."

The “enlightening mission” initially made us think of the Abraham/Rosita/Eugene mission to get to Washington, D.C., but the promo and sneak peek videos only focus on Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). So is this the Daryl-focused episode we've been waiting for, or is that still to come? That one is meant to be "magnificent," whenever it arrives.  

In the Ep 12 promo, we see Daryl and Beth on a road, on a golf course, at a plantation-style home (golf course clubhouse?), everywhere except the train tracks almost everyone else is on. (B&D were on tracks back on Episode 10, but it looks like they went in the opposite direction of Ty & Carol so maybe they didn't see a "Terminus" sign.) We hear Beth's voice-over say, "After the prison, we were always moving. We just need a safe place to be. We can stop running, stop scavenging." Is she talking to someone? She was writing in her journal before, and she used these exact same words in Ep 10, except before she said "farm" and here it's "prison." Is there meaning in that change? How long has it even been since she and Daryl left the prison? She also shouts "Daryl!" and seems to hide. The promo music is super-creepy and clearly wants us to be scared for them. It's like a mini horror movie.

Talking Dead shared an extended sneak peek which also just focused on Daryl and Beth. It's a night scene, with Beth heading into an abandoned car to test it out. No luck. But walkers are coming so they have to take refuge together in the trunk of the car. It's meant to be a scary scene but, girl, how freakin' lucky. Trunk time with the hottest Dixon.

A second sneak peek shows Daryl hunting in the woods while Beth attempts to set up a camp, smartly using a side-view mirror to create a fire. (So is this scene after the car sneak?) She'd do OK on Survivor after all. We also see Daryl vs. a snake. It's a silent scene, but we see the two survivors in action, really roughing it. If only they knew there were houses with pudding in the same area!
Daryl Dixon Broods in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12: Still
Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Daryl Dixon Broods in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12: Still

And don't forget about the footage from the promo AMC shared at the end of January. That was a more general second half promo, but it showed Daryl running through a cemetery, Beth walking away from a giant fire, and Beth saying "You have to save who you are, not who you were."

In those Beth scenes, she's wearing what looks like a yellow collared shirt. Where did she get that, when the Ep 12 promos and sneak peeks show her in her tank top? Do they find shelter with new clothes? Does any or all of that happen right on Episode 12, or later on? It does seem like this Sunday's ep will show Daryl near that walker with the "rich bitch" sign, although we're still not sure what that's about.

Watch all of those promo/sneak peek videos below.